Ground forces

Britannian Ground forces

The Britannian Military includes all of the Armed Forces of the Holy Britannian Empire. 



Usually when a Knightmare would be too large to use, squads of Britannians and Honorary Britannians are likely to be used as "grunt work" like hunting down rebels in a ghetto. Britannian foot soldiers are heavily armed and armoured with helemeted electronic visors. When they're not in armor, army officers and soldiers are seen to be wearing blue uniforms.

Royal GuardEdit

Royal Guards are military units that serves the members of the Britannian Imperial Family, by protecting and defending them. Even members of the Knights of the Round have their own Royal Guards.


Knightmare Frames was originally built by Britannians, and it is a humanoid robot with various weapons and abilities. Pilots pilot the Knightmare Frames and even members of the Knights of the Round pilot Knightmares.

Armored VehiclesEdit

Conventional vehicles like Tanks, armored personnel carriers and other military vehicles are sometimes used by the Britannian military. Large mobile bases, such as G-1 Bases are often deployed as a command center and field hospital in potentially hostile territory. 



Britannian ships

While battleships are seen used by the Empire in early battles, ships do not seems to play an important military role in the Empire, usually delegated the role of transport and trade. 

Air ForceEdit

Actual airplanes are rarely, if never, used in combat by the Empire, though VTOL Gunships and Knightmare VTOL are often seen, the latter used as Knightmare drop ships.


Knights are elite specialized armed forces within Britannia, usually Knightmare Pilots.

List of known Britannian knight ordersEdit

Knights of the Round
Glinda Knights
Knights of St. Raphael
Knights of St. Michael
Glaston Knights