Merryweather Security is a private military company and security contractor in Grand Theft Auto V and it's online mode. There one of the main groups of antagonists in GTA V.

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Services (GTA Online)Edit

  • Ammo Drop: Merryweather will drop an ammo crate, which will add some ammo to the gun the player is currently armed with.
  • Backup Helicopter: Calls for a Buzzard Helicopter to fly in and eliminate hostile players and other enemies. It will circle around the player for a while until it leaves. 
  • Boat Pickup: Calls for a private Dinghy to come at the player's location. Works like a Taxi. The player can choose to kill the driver and steal the boat. Only works in water.
  • Call Mercenaries: Calls for mercenaries to hunt down and kill the selected player. They will appear as 4 armed operatives driving a Mesa and will continue coming until the player is dead. Should they not succeed, a full refund will go to the player.
  • Airstrike: The player will be requested to drop a flare before a P-996 LAZER arrives.