The High Prophet of Restraint was a High Prophet during the 23rd Age of Doubt. He along with the High Prophet of Tolerance and the High Prophetess of Obligation led the Covenant High Council until 2524.


As of 2524, the aging Prophet's tensure had been marked with scandal involving his various sexual exploits, most notably the impregnation of a young female San Shyuum. While such a thing was not prohibited, Restraint was one on the Roll of Celibates, those San Shyuum who possessed recessive genes and were forbidden from siring children. Having lied about his status to his lover, the new mother demanded she be allowed to have her children, which the Prophet eventually agreed to. Learning of this, the Minister of Fortitude had the Vice Minister of Tranquility give the invocation for the upcoming Birthing Period, where the advocated ending the Roll of Celibates. Believing him sympathetic, Restraint approached the Vice Minister and offered him the full Ministerial post if he claimed the children as his own. 

The Minister responded by offering to keep the scandal quiet, only if Restraint stepped down as one of the Leaders of the High Council. The Vice Minister then succeeded him and became the High Prophet of Regret.