2nd Prince

2nd Prince Schneizel el Britannia

"I wonder, you really think you can defeat me, because if you do, you're at the end of your path. A man who has not mastered the use of the mask can never prevail."

Schneizel el Britannia served as one of the primary antagonists of the Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion series.

Schneizel is the Second Prince of the Holy Britannian Empire and was a Prime Minister/Chancellor in the Holy Britannian Empire. He is a strategist on par with Lelouch, and the only person Lelouch was unable to beat in chess as a child. He owned the flying fortress, Damocles, and planned on using it against Lelouch after he ascended as Britannia's 99th Emperor, Schneizel planned on escaping with Diethard Ried and Kanon Maldini but left Nunnally to die in the fortress which shocked Kanon. Geass-controlled Britannian soldiers entered the room with the three inside, both Diethard and Kanon were subdued by the guards and Lelouch went to Geass Schneizel who become one of his puppets. Diethard enraged and killed the guard that was subduing him, then had Lelouch at gun point where he planned on killing the Emperor. Although, Schneizel shot and killed Diethard and then continued his life in serving Zero.