The Spy was a Class from Team Fortress 2 which falls under the category of Support. He serves as the interceptor of the team capable of turning invisible and disguising himself as the enemy.


Spy's backstory is surrounded in mystery and not much is known about his past. However, he was born in France and is known to make love to the Scout's mother.



  • Revolver
  • Big Kill
  • Ambassador
  • L' Entrager
  • Enforcer
  • Diamondback

Knife (Capable of backstabs, instant kills from behind)

  • Knife
  • Saxxy
  • Sharp Dresser
  • Black Rose
  • Your Enternal Reward
  • Wanga Prick
  • Conniver's Kunai
  • Big Earner
  • Spy-Cicle

Invis Watch (Cloaks Spy)

  • Invis Watch
  • Enthusiast's Timepiece
  • Quackenbirdt
  • Cloak and Dagger
  • Dead Ringer

Sapper (Disables and slowly destroys enemy Engineer buildings)

  • Sapper
  • Ap-Sap
  • Snack Attack
  • Red-Tape Recorder

Disguise Kit (Allows Spy to disguise himself as one of the members of the opposing team or a friendly player)

  • Disguise Kit

Body Count Edit

Body count in Meet the Spy.

  • Engineer: After his Sentry Gun was eliminated, Spy shot him in the head when he tried to reach for his Pistol.
  • Sniper: Spy cut Sniper across his face with his Knife and then stabbed him in the back, he then fell to his death.
  • Medic: Spy disarmed him and then broke his arm, Spy then stole his appearance and finished him off by karate chopping him.
  • Soldier: Spy murdered him with his Knife.
  • Heavy: Spy murdered him with his Knife.



  • "Oh dear, I've made quite a mess."
  • "I never really was on your side."
  • "You got blood on my suit."
  • "Just lay your weapons down and walk away."
  • "I'm going to gut you like a Cornish game hen."
  • "Fine job."
  • "Well this moment has passed, back to work!"
  • "Here. Buy yourself some talent."
  • "Here. That's what you're worth!"
  • "Let us dance!"
  • "If you speak of this, I will kill you!"
  • "Didn't feel a thing!"
  • "I appreciate your help."
  • "With my apologies."
  • "Surprise!"
  • "Sorry to pop in unannounced."
  • "Why don't you just give up, pardner?"
  • "Everyone back to the base, pardner."
  • "I murdered your toys as well."
  • "Maybe your colleagues will send a man next time."
  • "Well, off to visit your mother!"
  • "Here lies Scout-he ran fast and died a virgin."
  • "They can bury in the Tomb of the Unskilled Soldier!"
  • "Dominated, you mush-mouthed freak!"
  • "The world will thank me for this, you monster!"
  • "The Black Scottish Cyclops-now extinct!"
  • "I've merely finished what your liver started!"
  • "This is a diet I call death."
  • "Happy trails, laborer!"
  • "Laughter really is the best medicine!"
  • "No worries, mate!"
  • "Go to hell, and take your cheap suit with you!"
  • "Did you forget about me?"