Ranks from the UNSC Navy.


Rank Command Insignia
Fleet Admiral Planatery Defenses (Home Fleet)
Admiral FLEETCOM Sectors, Battlegroups
Vice Admiral Numbered Fleets
Rear Admiral (upper half) Battlegroups
Rear Admiral (lower half) Battlegroups
Captain Varies from Frigate to Cruiser
Commander Smaller Warships, like Frigates
Lieutenant Commander Small Warships, Installations
Lieutenant N/A
Lieutenant, Junior Grade N/A
Ensign N/A
Warrant Officer supervise and mentor enlisted service men or women in the field
Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy N/A
Force Master Chief Petty Officer Chief NCO of a large command
Fleet Master Chief Petty Officer Large Fleet Commands (i.e. Home Fleet)
Command Master Chief Petty Officer N/A
Master Chief Petty Officer N/A
Senior Chief Petty Officer N/A
Chief Petty Officer N/A
Petty Officer First Class N/A
Petty Officer Second Class N/A
Petty Officer Third Class N/A
Crewman None
Crewman Apprentice None
Crewman Recruit None