Imperial Admiral Xtay Jar Wattinree was an Elite Imperial Admiral who was in command of the Combined Fleet of Righteous Purpose.


Military BackgroundEdit

Evidenced by his high rank as Imperial Admiral, Xytan was an incredible Elite warrior. It is said he was never defeated in battle, he had never failed a task, no matter what the challenge was and he was never wrong. For this, the Prophet Hierarchs exiled him to lead the Combined Fleet of Righteous Purpose, which was a fleet that guarded only the fringes of the vast territory possessed by the Covenant Empire.

The Great SchismEdit

Xytan was one of the first Elite Leaders who took command and led the confused Elites against the Covenant Loyalists. At Joyous Exultation, they planned to move in to ambush the Brutes and destroy them, putting an end to the Great Schism.